Tru-Flow Top-Dressers

The 24" and 36" Tru-Flow Top Dressers (54" not pictured)

These top-dressing units offer unmatched performance in distributing Har-Tru, as well as sand, rubber and other materials for synthetic grass, natural turf and running tracks.

Tru-Flow spreaders handle the toughest of conditions. For top-dressing to be effective, it needs to be applied as uniformly as possible. Tru-Flow’s unique 8” dispersal drum is encased in expanded metal. Conventional drop spreaders rely on gravity to help release the Har-Tru from its hopper, but the Tru-Flow pulls the surface out of the hopper and on to the court with unmatched consistency.

A 24” hand model will hold up to four 80-lb. bags of Har-Tru and the 36” tow model will hold eight 80-lb. bags, while the 54” tow model handles a whopping twelve 80-lb. bags of Har-Tru!

In addition, Tru-Flow’s ground-driven systems mean that there are no hydraulics, pumps or engines to malfunction, leaving no possibility of oil leaks to leave tracks on your court, green or synthetic turf. Simply bolt on the handle and you are ready to start your pre-season renovation.