TK512 Power Sweeper

Walk-Behind Vacuum Sweeper

  • Cleaning Rates up to 27,000 – 38,000 sq. ft/hr.
  • Battery Operated for High Productivity
  • The Right Size to Fit Your Operation
  • From Carpet to Hard Surface without Adjustment
  • Exceptional Dry Soil Removal
  • 5-micron Dust Control
  • Easy to Operate
  • Robotically Welded for Maximum Quality
  • Electrical Monitoring System Will Extend Battery Life
  • On-board Battery Charger – The “Smarter Charger”

The Next Generation of Vacuum Sweepers for Carpet and Hard Surface Floors

These vacuum sweepers represent a new generation of vacuum sweepers, providing optimum productivity to commercial and industrial facilities with 26,000 to 38,000 sq. ft/hr of one-pass cleaning of both carpet and hard surfaces.

This vacuum system has the power with 200 cfm of air flow -superior pick-up of dry soil and the filtration to keep your furnishings and inventory dust free. The front-throw separation system separates out the majority of the soil before the air is filtered; allowing for the maximum soil pick-up for a longer period of time. The filter can be cleaned with just a couple flicks of the shaker. High productivity goes hand-in-hand with high performance.

The give you the versatility to clean carpets as well as hard surface floors and with just a flip of a switch from dry to wet soil. With their compact size and maneuverability, these vacuum sweepers work as easilt in confined and congested areas as they do in large areas, offering high productivity cleaning for the entire facility.

The sweepers are manufactured with state-of-the-art robotics to maintain a high level of quality. Battery-operated units have a sophisticated battery monitoring system that never allows the battery to discharge to less than 20% of its capacity, prolonging battery life and protecting the system during charging.

The TK512 features a built-in battery charger - the 'Smarter Charger'. Simply flip up the unit's hood and plug it in. Battery indicator on the hood of the machine.

The slide-out debris bin provides one handed drawer removal for easy dumping. The molded hopper fits tightly to eliminate dust and debris from escaping the machine.

Fingertip Control - The right hand operates the drive system while the left controls the debris flap for capture of larger trash. Other controls are at the operator's fingertips for quick and easy use.

The large pleated dust control filter is 50% larger and effectively eliminates the dust normally associated with sweeping maintenance.

Return on Investment (ROI) Example
Time Savings per day 3.5 hours
Avg. # of work days/month 20 days
Total hours saved
(savings/day x days/month)
70 hrs. saved
Hourly Wage $11.00/hour
Savings per month
(total hrs. x total hrly. Wage)
Savings in first year $9,240.00
Cost of TK512 Sweeper $6,800.00
Return on Investment
10.2 months
Total 1st Year Savings
less SmartVac Cost

Working Capacity 27,000 ft2 per hour
Operating Time up to 4 hours
Width With Side Broom 28″
Bin Volume 1.5 ft3
Filter Surface 18 ft2
Battery Included 12V, 130 AH
Dimensions 37″ x 28″ x 32″ H
Weight w/o Battery 230 lbs.