TK464E SmartVac Sweeper

24″ Battery Vacuum Sweeper

  • Multi-surface vaccum and sweeper
  • Cleans and edges up to 22,000 sq.ft/hr
  • So quiet it can be used anytime
  • Sealed, maintenance-free battery and built-in battery charger
  • Genius’ technology – just choose the preset cleaning mode and the SmartVac automatically adjusts to any surface and even cleans its own filter
  • Highly maneuverable to clean in work stations and congested areas
  • Picks up large debris without worries from paper clips and other damaging materials
  • Digital hour meter to measure productivity
  • Battery level indicator and battery protection system
  • Adjustable handle folds down for easy transportation and storage
  • Return on Investment over upright vaccums in only a few months

The Smart Vac Will Change Vacuuming and Sweeping Forever

The jobs that took hours now take minutes. Just turn it on and push and it does the rest. With a 24″ cleaning path and no cord to slow it down, the SmartVac will clean as fast as you can go! From hard floors to carpet, the SmartVac knows what to do and will make all the necessary adjustments. It will weave around obstacles and zip into workstations to go where no wide-area vaccums would ever go. At the end of the cleaning job, just plug in the built-in charger and it will be ready to go for the next cleaning job. What could be easier? Throw away your old uprights and see a return on investment in as little as a few months. Check out the SmartVac and see why it is the smart choice.

The brush automatically adjusts to any type of carpet or hard surface floors.

Easy to use, with two work programs and a display with self-diagnosis data, battery charge status and hour meter.

Self-cleaning filter with cleaning frequency linked to the selected work program.

On-board battery charger enables the battery to be charged anywhere.

Return on Investment (ROI) Example
Time Savings per day 3 hours
Avg. # of work days/month 21 days
Total hours saved
(savings/day x days/month)
63 hrs. saved
Hourly Wage $11.00/hour
Savings per month
(total hrs. x total hrly. Wage)
Savings in first year $8,316.00
Cost of TK464E Sweeper $3,600.00
Return on Investment
5.75 months
Total 1st Year Savings
less SmartVac Cost

Sweeping System Over-throw
Sweeping Width With Side Brush 24″
Main Brush Only 16″
Hopper Volume 1.25 cubic ft.
Type of Filter Panel
Filter Surface 10 sq.ft.
Battery Version 12V, 45 AH
On-board Battery Charger 8 amp, 12V
Noise level 61 dbA

Not Recommended for Wet Areas