By Lee Tennis
Why Har-Tru?

Reduced Injuries
Har-Tru responds to a player’s movements, preventing the twisting and jarring that occurs on hard surfaces.

More Frequent Play
Less physical toll allows players to play longer and recover more quickly.

Longer Rallies
Players get to more shots, allowing not just longer rallies but more creative, inspiring points.

Rapid Drying Times
Har-Tru courts stay playable during light rains and dry quickly after thunderstorms.

Courts That Last
Other courts may crack and bulge, but a Har-Tru court moves with the earth below and can last a lifetime.

Easy To Build
A Har-Tru court can be built almost anywhere, including on top of old, cracked asphalt courts. Due to the surface’s porous nature, it solves run-off control problems and will satisfy impervious surface restrictions in most cases

Warehouse of Har-Tru Pallets
More tennis clubs are converting to clay court systems than ever before in the history of tennis—and Har-Tru is the world’s leading clay court surface, with over 40,000 courts in 23 nations and 49 American states. New installations and court conversions alike are
quick and cost-efficient. In fact, go visit a Har-Tru court that’s witnessed 25 years of play and you’ll swear the court was installed last week, free of bumps, pits, buckles and cracks. Maintenance takes as little as 15 minutes a day. And a technical consultant can be on-site before, during and after installation.

Har-Tru surfacing is the most widely used material for top-dressing existing clay courts. It is excellent for rejuvenating courts at the start of the season. This process replaces those vital fine particles lost during the year through wind and water erosion. When done properly, this process can extend the life of your court indefinitely.

Varieties of Har-Tru Surfacing
OriginalHydroBlendCoarse BlendAmerican Red Clay

Clay vs. Hard
88% of top 10 player trained on clay   12% of top 10 players trained on hard courts
Skill, Strategy   Speed, Power
Patience, Endurance   Aggression, Instant Gratification
Variety of Shots   Fast/Blast Shots
Long Points   Better not blink
Success for all ages   Over-the-hill at 30

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