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By Lee Tennis
Why ClayTech?

  • Reduces injuries
  • Reduces severity of injuries
  • Slides reduce stress of court impact
  • Allows frequent play
  • Playable in all weather
  • Easy, cost-efficient maintenance
  • Can be laid over any asphalt or concrete base or existing hard court (even damaged) with minimal preparation
  • Watering is optional

More tennis courts are being converted to clay court systems than ever before in the history of tennis. That’s because clay court tennis brings players more enjoyment and fewer injuries at every stage of life. Clay courts allow tennis players to slide, which means they can play for as long and as often as they like without overstressing the knees, back and lower extremities.

Now there’s a new clay court surface that blends the sliding feature of clay with the easier, more cost-effective maintenance feature of a hard court – ClayTech clay courts. Compare the features of ClayTech courts and hard courts.

Clay Court vs Hard Court
Reduces injuries 85% more injuries than clay
Lessens the severity of injuries Repeated, excessive impact exacerbates injuries
Sliding reduces the stress of court impact More stress on back, knees, and ankles
Allows frequent play Body needs recovery time


ClayTech’s natural clay top layer and synthetic polypropylene membrane create an attractive, uniform, sliding court surface. Maintenance requires nothing more than a simple sweep. Watering is optional.The clay-topped surface prevents holes and cracks and the polypropylene membrane contributes to a very long life. Another maintenance benefit is that the perimeter lines are painted in place when the surface is installed. This makes the lines easily last for three years.

ClayTech Diagram

ClayTech Application Diagram


Specially designed to withstand intensive outdoor use all year round, ClayTech clay courts are always ready for play, even in adverse climates. The surface is playable after a rainfall and is particularly resistant to UV rays. Freeze-thaw problems are nonexistent with ClayTech. Even during the hottest days of summer, ClayTech, with just a spritz of water, remains cooler than hard courts.

ClayTech clay courts are available in red clay or Har-Tru® green.

From the people who bring you Har-Tru clay courts. Lee Tennis is the sole U.S. distributor of ClayTech.