Tennis Optics TM Sports Lighting
The Advantage

The Advantage

In addition to our Advantage system, we also carry the Tennis Optics conventional line of lighting. This system offers advanced design and great performance, with sharp cut-off and high-quality construction, making this luminaire ideal for residential, high school, college and club tennis courts

Tennis Optics Sports Lighting

The VISIONTM reflector

Tennis Optics LogoIntroducing Advantage by Tennis Optics TM

The Most Energy-Efficient, High-Performing Tennis Light in the Industry

Tennis courts never seem bright enough at night, and with good reason, because tennis court lighting technology has not changed significantly in over 20 years. That is, until now. The Advantage is a high-performance fixture designed specifically for tennis with up to triple the light compared to other court fixtures. It is now possible to have smoothly lit 100+ footcandle averages and 80% lumen retention over time with only eight 1000-watt fixtures.

The VISIONTM reflector system inside the Advantage fixture provides the most light in the industry – up to triple the light of the competition. Maximizing this technology also allows the economical option of less wattage for significant energy savings, or fewer fixtures and poles for installation and maintenance savings, while still meeting USTA lighting criteria.

The Advantage fixture features a flat lens, full-cutoff design approved by the International Dark Sky Association for neighborhood-friendly lighting and comes with a full complement of arms, poles and optional shields. Please call us for computer-generated lighting plans, free layout service and consultation.

Using the unique VISION reflector system, the Advantage is the ideal retrofit fixture for tennis clubs, public parks, universities, schools and residential courts. The VISION system offers more light and uses less energy – and requires fewer poles, saving court builders on new construction costs.

  • Easy retrofit or new court construction
  • Highest court-lighting levels in the industry
  • Three cost- and energy-saving options:
    1. 1000-watt Advantage fixtures offer triple the light with the same energy as most competitors’ 1000-watt fixtures.
    2. 750-watt Advantage fixtures offer 75% more light and use 25% less energy than most competitors’ 1000-watt fixtures.
    3. 450-watt Advantage fixtures offer improved light and use 55% less energy than most competitors’ 1000-watt fixtures.
Tennis Optics Sports Lighting

A Day and Night Comparison of Courts Lit with Tennis Optics Sports Lighting