Armor Tennis Court Resurfacing and Repair System

Cambridge Industries is an authorized installer of the Armor Tennis Court Resurfacing and Repair System.

Since 1993, Armor Crack Repair System for Tennis Courts has provided an efficient means of tennis court resurfacing and repair that is not only extremely effective, but also incredibly affordable. Armor uses an expandable fabric that absorbs any future movement or cracking without ripping. Although the crack still exists, the filled cracks are hidden beneath our repair and will not reappear on the surface.

Asphalt tennis courts naturally crack over time. It is important to deal with small cracks right away, before they become large, costly problems in the future. There are several solutions to repairing cracks, but they can be extremely expensive and don’t tend to last for very long. On the other hand, Armor Crack Repair System offers long-lasting results at affordable prices.

By repairing tennis court cracks and applying a fresh coat of paint, Armor can make any tennis court look brand new again! Our tennis court repair system has proven to be the most successful crack repair system in the world. Our system is even effective in sub-zero and extreme temperatures.

Thousands of courts throughout most states and many countries have experienced the lasting results of the Armor Crack Repair System for Tennis Courts. For more information, please call us at (416) 481-2597